5 Twitter WordPress Plugins

If you’re a WordPress blogger there are quite a few cool plugins you can use to make it easier for your readers to promote your blog posts on twitter using a twitter wordpress plugin or two and at the same time promote their twitter username and profile.

1. TweetThis

TweetThis is a WordPress plugin that places a Tweet This button at the bottom or your blog post.  But that’s not all.  TweetThis has quite a few customizations and social buttons that represent social networking sites like StumbleUpon, Ping.fm and more.

By default TweetThis places a link at the end of you blog post to make it easy for your readers promote your blog post on twitter.  The link, when clicked, takes the reader to the twitter.com main page and the tweet is ready to send to the twitter stream.

TweetThis WordPress PluginThat’s just the start.  Here is the options screen in WordPress with all the other social capabilites you can use with TweetThis on your blog.

TweetThis Options

Click image for larger view (600px)

2. TweetMeMe Button

You’ll find this tweet Button on quite a few sites.  It’s kind of become the Digg of favoriting stuff on web.  TweetMeMe is:

Tweetmeme is a service which aggregates all the popular links on twitter to determine which links are popular.

You can download the TweetMeMe WordPress Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory.  When activated the TweetMeMe button is place at the bottom of your blog post.  However, there is an option screen as well as the ability to use a short bit of code to place the button anywhere you need it.

By default:

TweetMeMe Button

The TweetMeMe Options screen in WordPress:

TweetMeMe Settings

Click image for larger view

3. WP-Twitip-ID Plugin

The WP-Twitip-ID Plugin places an entry field in a blog post’s comment area so your readers can include their twitter id.  This helps promote them on twitter as other curious readers of your blog post will click on their twitter id to check them out on twitter.

As you can see below, here’s the default placement, below the Website field.  You can adjust where the fields displays in the comment area:


Here’s the options screen for the WP-Twitip-ID WordPress Plugin.

WP-Twitip-ID Options

4. Twitter Link

Twitter Link rips through a blog post looking for @<twitter-username> and places a link to the twitter profile of a twitter username mentioned in your blog post.  So if you look at the image below you’ll see the @DailyTwiTips  automatically linked to so when a reader clicks on it, they’ll be taken to that twitter’s profile.

Twitter Link

5. TweetSuite

TweetSuite can be found over on Dan Zarelle’s blog and it offers quite a bit of functionality.  Most notably the ability to place tweetbacks in your blog post comments area.  Tweetbacks are the tweets that people are using when talking about a blog post.  Here’s the options screen:

TweetSuite Options

Those are just some of the twitter plugins for WordPress you can try.  There are others listed in the WordPress Plugin Directory.  I wouldn’t try to use all of them at the same time, as it can become overwhelming for readers.

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