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I recently joined the Twitter Traffic Machine system and it actually seems to be a pretty good system. Unfortunately, everyone and their brother is also doing it, and that can lead to, well, a ton of people getting a ton of the same tweets on twitter telling you how to get 16,000 followers in 90 days and make money doing it.  Or something similar.  Which could render it a horrible system for some folks.

With any kind of product or service, the vital question is “Does it provide value?” And of course there are varying degrees of value but with the Twitter Traffic Machine, it offers a quick way to gain followers and an affiliate program that allows you to make a bit of money doing that.

In the end, the tools that are used and explained with this system are very useful whether you want to make money with the affiliate program or not.

So here’s my link to the program – Twitter Traffic Machine. If I make a sale on the product that costs $27 bucks, I get almost $12 bucks – a 50% payout for this product.  Now, obviously that’s not a whole lot of money, but the idea is as you gain a ton of followers, you make more money.   🙂   Woo Hoo!!

However, like I said, everyone and their brother is doing it and flooding the twitter stream with what some folks might consider spam. Again, because there are free online twitter tools that are used and explained in the videos, I think it’s well worth the $27 bucks.

You could spend hours trying to figure out what is explained in the videos or possibly never figure it out. You don’t have to do the whole system. You can certainly use pieces of it to suit your twittering needs. Check it out!!

I’ll be writing more about it and other programs like it, as well as a few ideas that generated in my mind, so make sure you subscribe to DailyTwiTips.  By the way, I’ve been participating in the program for 2 days now and I’ve discovered a couple/few ways to gain followers.  I’ve even learned some twitter rules that I didn’t know about.

Let me know what you think.  Have you received any messages about the Twitter Traffic Machine?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Did I tell you, if you comment and provide your twitter id in the Twitter ID field that’s a way to gain followers.

Also, if you have a blog and you comment, you’re latest blog post will be listed below your comment or other folks to browse over to your blog and read your stuff too.

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kadri August 9, 2012 at 6:16 am

Nice post,
Even i have covered some of the twitter marketing points on my blog do check out that

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