Twitter Traffic Machine Results – Week 1

Hi folks.  Today I thought I’d update everyone on my results with the Twitter Traffic Machine.  The Twitter Traffic Machine is a set of videos that guide you through the steps it takes to gain followers on twitter.  It also guides you through the use of some free twitter tools that you can use not only to gain followers but also give you some ideas on using twitter in a different way.

Overall, I’m impressed with what the videos provide, for $27.00 you can’t beat it.  If you don’t have the time to search the web and read about all the different twitter tools and how to use them in a way that will help online, then I’d say $27.00 is extremely reasonable.

So what do you get with The Twitter Traffic Machine?  You get to watch 6 videos online using various free twitter tools to gain twitter followers and possibly make money doing it, and a cheat sheet that walks you through what the videos explain in more detail so you can follow the steps discussed in the videos later.

You can make money by selling the course which entitles you to a percentage of  the sale of the system, if you sell the system to other folks.  That is an example of affiliate marketing.  You sell something for someone else and you get a piece of the sale.  It’s so easy.  Not really.  You have to work at it.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Whether you sell something or not on the Internet, or have a blog or a website of any kind, you want traffic.  You want to get as many eyeballs as possible in front of your blog, website, product or service.

If you can imagine a town with a main street and the various shops lined up on the sides of main street, you have the potential for a huge amount of people and eyeballs that will see your shop.  Out of all those eyeballs there’s always a percentage of folks who are going to stop and visit the shops.  And another percentage of those folks who are going to buy something at your shop.

With the Twitter Traffic Machine, you’ll get traffic for sure.  Below is a screenshot of my cpanel stats for the week or so that I’ve started this blog and started using the system.  I actually registered this domain in November 2008 but only started writing for it at the beginning of April 2009, April 10, 2009 to be exact.  Check out my archives. I’ve been keeping notes and I wrote that after one week I had over 700 followers.

DailyTwiTips Daily Uniques

One could certainly argue the quality of the traffic and that would be a valid discussion to be discussed in another blog post later, but from just a raw, “I have a new blog, how do I get traffic?” point of view,  The Twitter Traffic Machine will bring you traffic.  From a new blog standing on its own and a new blogger to get to over 100 uniques in two weeks is Rick-Diculous.   🙂  Also, I did not use any other blog traffic building techniques other than the Twitter Traffic Machine.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a program where someone is selling something and you help sell it.  For selling it you get a percentage of the sale.  The Twitter Traffic Machine has an affiliate program.  So if you decide you want to sell it, and you do sell it, then you’ll get a percentage of those sales.  That is the beauty of affiliate marketing and most of the time it’s not easy to do.  Again, you have to have traffic, traffic, traffic.  Sometimes focused traffic.

With that said,  I’ve got great news about Twitter Traffic Machine, I made two sales in almost the first week.  Let me tell you, that’s phenomenal.  I’ve been blogging for myself and others as well as managing blogs for other folks for about two years now and I’ve never seen or experienced sales that quick from a new blog.  Now it might not happen to you right away but this is the incredible part of it for me.  Here’s a screenshot of my ClickBank account and the two sales I’ve made with Twitter Traffic Machine.  This is not a fake document.  I do this to show that it can work and more importantly the power of twitter right now.  Remember, I just started this.

Twitter Traffic Machine ClickBank Account

So here’s the pitch…

“Like to know how to get 16,000 followers in 90 Days & Make Money.” Twitter Traffic Machine

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