3 Twitter Tools to Help You with Your Tweets

A bunch of twitter tools or services have popped up since twitter came to town.  Here are 3 twitter tools you can use to enhance your twittering experience.  These tools will help with your auto-tweeting and help you track the various statistics of a url you provide in your tweets by way of a  smart url shortener.

1. TweetLater


Can’t be twittering all the time?  Do you find yourself in places or situations that you can’t or shouldn’t be tweeting?  Well, TweetLater is a twitter tool that allows you to send tweets at preset times.

Going for a long trip and don’t have a cell phone that you can tweet from (you know you can tweet from your cell phone, right?) or at a concert or church where you shouldn’t be tweeting from?  TweetLater allows you to send multiple tweets out whenever you want to.

With TweetLater you can setup multiple twitter accounts with multiple tweets that get sent out for each account.  Here’s a list of what you get with a free TweetLater account.  They have a professional service that costs $29.97 a month as well that provides more functionality.

  • Scheduled tweets
  • Track keywords on twitter
  • Save and reuse tweets
  • Send welcome direct messages to your new followers
  • Automatically follows people who follow you
  • Automatically unfollow people who unfollow you
  • Vet new followers – TweetLater will pause the auto-follow feature for 72 hours so you can check new followers out
  • Personal status feed – This is powerful and allows you to provide a feed of information from you twitter account as tweets.  If you abuse this feature you could be considered a spammer by some folks.
  • Unlimited twitter accounts

2. HootSuite


HootSuite is like TweetLater in that it allows you to setup multiple twitter accounts and multiple preset tweets that are sent out to the twitter stream in a timed fashion.

HootSuites also allows you to provide an rss feed that can be setup to send tweets of information automatically for you.  For instance, you could provide your blog’s rss feed so hootsuite could then tweet your blog posts for you.

Although TweetLater has a lot of features, for me HootSuite has a simpler interface.  But, once you get used to using either tool, they become familiar.  It’s a matter of preference.

3. Bit.ly


Bit.ly is a tool that will shorten your urls and keep stats on them.  So when you go to tweet and provide a url in your tweet, you can use bit.ly to shrink the url and then bit.ly will be able to provide stats at their website on how many clicks the url recevied.

Bitly also provides a quick glance of the conversations that are happening around the url you provide.  You’ll be able to see conversations about the url on twitter, friendfeed and various other places around the web. You’ll also be able to see what users of bit.ly have shortened the url that you’ve shortened.

Bit.ly is provided as one of the url shorteners in TweetDeck.  There are some other nice things you can do with bit.ly, so subscibe to my blog so you don’t miss a tweet.  We’ll talk about bitly some more in future articles.

So there you have it.  Some pretty powerful tools to help you with your tweeting.

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