Twitter Tools and Firefox

If you use Firefox for browsing the Internet, there are quite a few add-ons that will make it easy for you to work with twitter right inside Firefox.  Let’s take a look at a few.

1. TwitterFox

TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that sits in your status bar at the bottom of your browser.  It will display a lower case “t” in the status bar with a count of new tweets that have come into your twitter stream but you have not seen yet.

So, that’s a great reminder of how many tweets you haven’t seen but it can be an issue if you’re trying to concentrate on something else while working in Firefox.  But, you can always logout of it.

But, TwitterFox is very popular, it’s small and gives you most of the functionality you need to stay up with your twitter friends.  You can send a message, view your tweets, view your replies and direct messages, as well as control how it works through various settings.  Check out TwitterFox at the Firefox Add-ons page.

2. Twitter Power

I just started using at Twitter Power.  It adds a lot of functionality to your twitter stream if you browse using Firefox.  For instance, with Twitter Power, you’ll see a small RT in the lower right-hand corner of every tweet that allows you to retweet a tweet from your twitter stream.  That’s been needed for a long time.

It also places a couple buttons above your status message box that allows you to upload a photo and shorten a url.  This is great because it uses and can track statistics about the urls you tweet – how many clicks on what days, etc.

Twitter Power will also display photos that were tweeted as well as show video that are part of your twitter stream.  It also places a Facebook menu selection in the right sidebar which displays your Facebook status message stream when clicked.

Power Twitter is nice.  It seems to take a bit longer for the page to load but for all the functionality it provides is well worth the wait if you use page as your main interface to twitter.  Get it at the Firefox Add-ons page.

3. Twitter Search

Twitter Search add-on places an additional search source in your Firefox search engines list.  It allows you to immediately search twitter using  I don’t know about you but I’m finding myself use twitter search more than Google search.  Get it here.

There’s plenty more Firefox add-ons that extend the functionality of Firefox to include all your twitter needs.  Here’s a link to more extensions for you to check out.  However, I stay on the side of using an add-on if I’m really going to use it.  Load too many add-ons up and you risk possibly slowly down Firefox.

That’s it is for this article.  If you have any Firefox tools that help you with twitter please share them in the comments.  If you liked it or think someone else could benefit from it, retweet it with the retweet button below.  Thanx!!

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