7 Steps To Jump Start Your Marketing Campaign Using Twitter

Last week I ran a 2009 Mother’s Day Contest here at DailyTwiTips and it brought in quite a few readers as well as twitter followers.  My intention was to make it past the 2,000 followers mark as quick as I could and help some folks have a happier Mother’s Day.

For marketing campaigns, twitter can be awesome. I know a company in my home town who’s running a campaign from April 1st, 2009 to May 31, 2009.

The outcome of the campaign is to increase the number of memberships at a fitness type business  So, bring new customers in for a short trial and keep all or a high percentage of them as a returning, long-term customer.

Well, they hired a local marketing firm and the firm used TV, newspaper, twitter, flickr and YouTube.  The TV spots were placed on YouTube and any images used in the marketing campaign were placed on flickr.  A twitter account was created and some of the folks involved in the campaign tweeted about the campaign.

Here’s a screen shot of the twitter numbers – following, followers and updates.  They created and started posting on their twitter account the week before April 1, 2009 and haven’t posted anything since April 24, 2009.

Campaign Numbers

The numbers tell us that they’re following no one.  They have 7 followers (most likely people involved with the campaign) and 8 updates, 1 of which is the only health related update/tip.  The other updates are news related updates about the campaign – kickoff, etc.

The TV and newspaper spots are doing more for bringing people out than anything, but I’m sure they could have or could be using the twitter account better. Beside, not everyone has a TV/newspaper budget.  Here are 7 steps to jump start your campaign using twitter:

1. Run a contest every week where someone wins something on the Friday of every week – a one month membership, a cookbook, etc.  It doesn’t have to be every week.  But in this case, running from 4/1/09 thru 5/31/09, is reasonable to hold a weekly giveaway to keep people coming back.

2. Use search.twitter.com to find people within 25 miles of the business location.

3. When you run a contest on twitter make sure people have to become followers of the campaign on twitter.  You do this in the contest rules.  See the next step as well.

4. When you run a contest on twitter make sure people have to retweet a short, predefined statement about the campaign that drives people to the main campaign landing page.

5. Use Nearby Tweets to help find local people to follow as well.

6. Use TweetLater so when people follow you back you send them an automatic, direct message that thanks them for the follow and announces your campaign and its landing page.

7. Place your campaign landing page web address (URL) in the Web setting of your twitter settings.

I’m sure there’s plenty more you could do for a campaign using twitter.  That should help with the numbers of folks who will become interested in your campaign.

The next thing I need to find out is how much, if any, was the social media part of the marketing package.  Viewing the numbers above, hopefully it was free.   🙂

What do you think?  Should you use twitter for marketing campaigns?  Should you use it for local campaigns?  Any thoughts on how to better leverage twitter to make the campaign results better?  Share in the comments.

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