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Here are some twitter articles from the past week that I ran into and thought were worthy for a list. I’m sure there’s plenty more, but these are some that are also worthy of a bookmark on delicious, a retweet, a stumble, a digg etc., etc.

Hope you take some time this weekend to read these articles, promote and even do a #followfriday on the writers of these articles. Although there’s just a handful, don’t forget about the comments that hold a lot of information, the links in the comments, the people and their blogs and twitter names that you can check out. Have fun.

1. If  you’re new to twitter and want to read up on creating attention grabbing tweets, check out Brian Clark’s The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines from his blog CopyBlogger.

2. I found the article Inside the Minds of Twitter Users from Mashable. In it, writer Ann Handley reports on the data they collected from various poll questions from Mashable to twitter users like.  Some of the questions include:

  • Do people feel that Followers on Twitter should reciprocate in kind, and follow them back?
  • Large Twitter Following = Smart?
  • Large Twitter Following = Respected?

Those are just some of the questions that Handley investigates.

Oh yea, check out who made the first tweet in the image under #1, in the article 6 Twitter Search Services Compared by Ari Herzog at Mashable.  Moi!!

3. A news article from CNN – Brain-Twitter project offers hope to paralyzed patients is about twittering with the brain.  Awesome.  Check it out.

4. The Design Cubicle released 600+ Free Design, Twitter and Social Media Icons: A Collection Motherload! Who doesn’t need more twitter icons to use for their website.

5. Need to follow some interesting folks? Check out WeFollow – “A User Powered Twitter Directory”

6. There’s some great reading on #smgps on twitter. A discussion about social media groups. You can also view it over at

Again, don’t forget, a lot of good stuff from these articles reside in the comments.  Great comments, new sites to browse to, new twitter users to follow.  It’s all good.

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