Twitter: Still Trying to Get the Hang of It?

Twitter is and can be many things to many people.  From tweeting between friends to full blown campaign promotion for businesses.

Here are a few first tweets that seem common to new twitter-ers:

  • “What’s the point of twitter?”
  • “Still trying to get the hang of twitter”
  • “Trying to figure out twitter”
  • “Trying to figure out this whole thing”
  • “This is kind of weird.  It feels silly”
  • “New to twitter.  Feel free to help me out”
  • “still trying to figure it out while eating ice cream”
  • etc., etc.

Those are just some of the things people say when they first start using twitter.  Here are some answers to those questions and statements.

1. Just Start Reading

When you first joined twitter, you had a chance to automatically following some suggested people and businesses.  If you did, then just start reading through their tweets and see what they’re tweeting.  Most likely there’s someone out there that will automatically start following you as well.  Click on that person’s picture and read what they’re tweeting about.

2. Finding Conversations

Do you like a movie, a tv show, a singer, or a band?  Use and search on that word or phrase.  If you’re searching on more than one word, put the phrase in double quotes like this: “new to twitter” and then try new to twitter without quotes and see what you get.

You can even use the word or phrase in the Find People menu selection on twitter.  Sometimes you’ll run into twitter profiles with the word or words you’re looking for in someone’s twitter name.

3. Following People

Have you found anyone or anything interesting yet?  Hopefully you have.  Click on their followers.  There can be a whole resource of people who are following someone or something interesting to you.  Whether those followers are interesting or not you can certainly take the time to view their profile to see if they look interesting enough to follow.

Here’s a tip: Just click on the first two pages or so of those followers.  It takes just a few seconds to click the follow button by someone else’s followers.  This will allow you to follow a lot of folks quickly and most likely they will follow you either automatically or manually.

Here’s another tip: Go to Twitterfall and watch conversations happen.  Again, just read.  You’ll see what it’s all about.  As you get comfortable with the conversation, try adding a custom search on the bottom left column.

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