HootSuite – The Ultimate Twitter Manager

Are you a business that wants to start using twitter?  Do you want to present your company on multiple levels on twitter?  In other words, you want to listen to what people are saying on twitter about your company but you also want to promote your products, services, campaigns, and any other element of your business at the same time.

Whether you’re someone who manages multiple twitter accounts on your own or work as a community manager online for your company, you’ll find the web app HootSuite an invaluable tool for managing your twitter universe.

Here are 5 attributes of HootSuite that will give you complete control of your twitter life.

1. Multiple Twitter Accounts

One of the main features HootSuite offers is managing multiple twitter accounts.  This allows you, for example, to have multiple customer service reps working with folks on twitter who might have complaints, concerns or requests related to your company or the industry you’re in.

It also allows you to provide more specific support for products or services you provide as well as promoting deals, sales, news, etc. on twitter.

2. 140 Characters and more

While working in HootSuite, you’ll have the same 140 character text box to enter your tweets, but you’ll also be able to schedule your tweets as well, and shrink any links that you provide in your tweets.

While entering your tweets you’ll have the ability to select one or more twitter profiles to send a tweet from.

HootSuite Tweet

Also, when you do provide a link in a tweet, HootSuite uses the URL shortening service Ow.ly to record stats on how many clicks the link received.

3. The Dashboard

While managing mutliple accounts, you’ll be able to view all those accounts on the HootSuite Dashboard along with a few tweets that were sent, pending tweets that will be sent, replies and direct messages for each account.

A stats graph in the upper right-hand corner of a “Sent” tweet, displays how many clicks a link has been clicked on.

HootSuite Dashboard

4. Working with Profiles

You can look at each profile (twitter account) on its own page with typical twitter actions to interact with tweets.

  • Favorite and Unfavorite a tweet (favorites are like bookmarks)
  • Follow and Unfollow a person
  • Direct Message a person
  • Reply to a person
  • Retweet another person’s tweet

Under their own tabs, you’ll also be able to see:

  • A list of Replies to you from other twitter-ers
  • Direct Messages or DMs that people have sent you
  • Sent tweets – The tweets you’ve sent out to twitter
  • Pending tweets to be sent – Your scheduled tweets
  • Stats – As mentioned above, the URL shortening service Ow.ly is used to shrink links and provide “clicked” stats on URLs.
  • A List of your favorited tweets
  • A search tab that allows you to search twitter and saves the keywords you’ve searched on so you can quickly search on those keywords later with one click.

HootSuite Profile Actions

5. Feeding Twitter Automagically

Do you know what RSS is?  It stands for Really Simple Syndication also known as Rich Site Summary.  RSS can be used in HootSuite to send out information to the twitter stream automatically.

You provide an RSS feed to a profile (twitter account) in HootSuite, set how many times to send a tweet out from that feed to twitter, and presto, you have an automatic news feed going out to twitter on your behalf.  This is a great way to keep your twitter presence fresh and “out there”.

So there ya’ go, a quick look at some of the many features HootSuite provides when managing your twitter presence.

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Henry Egg November 25, 2010 at 7:49 am

This is great information. I’ve been trying to find something to streamline the use of Twitter and this should be perfect. Great article and thanks for sharing the knowledge!

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