Sharing Photos on Twitter

Want to share photos on twitter?  No problem.  Here are some photo sharing sites that allow you to upload photos and communicate  with your twitter community. Although twitter doesn’t actually store the photos themselves, these sites will allow you to upload from your computer as well as from your mobile phone.


Twitpic allows you to upload pictures and tweet from their site after you’ve uploaded them.  If you’re using the twitter client TweetDeck, you can also upload your pictures directly from TweetDeck to twitter.  Twitpic also allows you to upload from your phone, browse a public timeline of all photos on twitpic, view recent photo uploads and a world map that displays people’s locations who are uploading pictures to twitpic.

If you have a blog or website you can actually use some of the photos on twitpic and put them on your website.  There’s also a widget that you can put on your blog or website that will display some of your recent photos from your twitpic account.  Coolio!!   🙂


Twitxr is another site that allows you to upload photos and share on twitter as well as other social networking sites you might belong to.  Those social networking sites include facebook, flickr and Google’s Picasa.  Twitxr provides pretty much the same functionality as twitpic does including sending photos from your mobile phone, a global timeline as well as a local timeline.


Mobypicture is another way to share media from your phone or computer.  Photos, text, audio and video.  Share ’em on Mobypicture.  You can create groups of photos based on specific topics.  There’s an iPhone app as well as Nokia Share Online for folks who use Nokia phones.

You don’t have to create a Mobypicture account if you already have a twitter account.  Just login using your twitter account and upload photos.  Mobypicture will send a tweet to your twitter stream for everyone to check out.

Other social networking sites besides twitter that Mobypicture uploads to include flickr, facebook, wordpress, youtube, blogger, tumblr and plenty more.

Uploading Photos – Another Way

Besides a ton of other social networking sites allowing you to upload photos and tweeting about them, one very cool way when you’re sitting at a computer is to use a url shortener like is a killer app, if you can imagine a url shortener being a killer app.

What a url shortening service does like is take a long url and shorten it up to a cryptic looking url.  The bitly service also offers a bookmarklet button as well as a stat tracking service so you can track how many times people click on a link as well as other information regarding the url.  Let’s do one.

The first thing you want to do is browse over to and link your twitter account with your account.  Obviously you need to create accounts on both and twitter.

Then, drag the bookmarklet button up to your bookmark toolbar on your browser.  Now you’re ready to convert a url into a short, trackable url.  Oh, as well as send it immediately to twitter and other locations.

Next, we’ll browse over to this blog and use the url  Then we’ll click on our bookmarklet button and here’s the resulting url:

Since you’ve linked your and twitter account you’ll be able to send a tweet with the shortened url.  You’ll also see a “Share” link below your newly shortened url that you can send the url to twitter, email it, gmail it or send it to facebook.

That’s it. Start uploading your photos and share ’em on twitter. If you enjoyed this blog post please retweet it for me using the button below.  I appreciate your support.

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