Learning Something New Using Twitter

Would you like to learn something new?  I use twitter a lot to learn something new.

Since my background is in software development, I’m a programmer at heart, I wanted to learn some of the new programming stuff going on out there.  One new languages folks are using to create dynamic web stiff is jQuery.

Typically I would head over to Google and search for the keyword jQuery and that certainly still works, however, I’ve found myself going to guess where, TWITTER quite often for my search needs.

Twitter’s search mechanism is killer.  Let’s use my example and jQuery.  I’ll head over to twitter and type in “jquery tutorial” in the search box on the front page of twitter.com.  Here are the results, real-time, fresh and new.

jQuery Tutorial Twitter Search ResultsFirst, at the top it tells us what we’re searching on and gives us the option to save the search to the sidebar for quick searching later.  But look at the results, if you can see them.  Recent results on folks talking about jQuery that I can follow and get into the conversation.  Most of them probably have a blog or website I can subscribe to if I like what they’re talking about.

Now, couple this with Google search results on jQuery as well as Google’s blog results and I’ll have more jQuery stuff than I bargained for.  So, I could also browse over to Amazon.com and search on a book for jQuery.  Find some newer jQuery books or jQuery books that are highly recommended (look at the reviews) and check out the table of contents.

That will give me a good structured way to start learning jQuery.  So when I go to some of these sites that I found on twitter, I have a clue of what to start looking for.

Twitter has such a rich field of data that you can practically find everything under the sun.

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