Get Ready for Follow Friday

What is Follow Friday? Follow Friday is a day you can promote people on twitter. In a tweet, you include the hashtag #followfriday and the name or names of people you want people to follow with a reason why.

What’s a Hashtag?

The # symbol in front of followfriday is known as a hashtag, which on twitter represents a topic or room.  In this case the topic is followfriday.

What people typically do is put the #followfriday in a tweet with a bunch of names to follow.  While this is certainly okay, to be a bit more informative, include a reason or description would help people decide right away if they want to follow or not.  Here’s an example:

“Here’s my #followfriday web designers – @webdesigner1, @websdesigner2, etc.”

That immediately helps me decide if I want to follow them because they’re web designers or I don’t want to follow any web designers.


Another way to do #followfriday is by using  At TweetChat you enter #followfriday or any other topic or what’s known as a room and watch the discussion automatically drop down your TweetChat page.  Here’s their description of the TweetChat service.

“TweetChat helps put your blinders on to the Twitter-sphere while you monitor and chat about one topic.

Each tweet you make automatically gets a hashtag added for the room you are in – no need to worry about hashtag typos…

The room auto-updates with new posts using the hashtag you are following – no need to reload…”

Check out this graph over at that shows the activity for #followfriday.  An extremely popular event every Friday.  Pretty darn cool.

Another way to watch users on #followfriday is by going to and search on a topic that you’re interested in and place the # sign in front of it to see what happens.

Also, don’t forget to search on #followfridays as well. You’ll find more follow friday-ers.

There’s an official FollowFridays website at  You can watch #followfriday as it happens as well as tweet from there.

So grab some of your favorite tweeters and tell who and why to follow them. Have fun!! 🙂

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