How to Find Twitter Followers – Part 1

A common phrase I hear on twitter is “I need followers”, or some form of that phrase.  Well, here’s one way to find folks on twitter who might follow you.  For this article I’ll use the keyword garden.  So we’re going to assume you like gardening and you’re looking for more folks to connect with on twitter about gardening.  Cool.  Let’s go.

Find People

You can click on the Find People menu selection and type in a keyword there.  So we’ll type in garden.  Feel free to experiment with a keyword you’re interested in.

After typing in garden in the “Who are you looking for?” box, 359 results of twitter users are returned who have the word garden in their twitter name.

Now, you can choose to follow a page or two of these gardening twitter-ers by clicking on the follow button next to their names or you could just pick out a few that look interesting, read their tweets and decide whether to follow them or not.

Most likely you’ll get some of those folks to follow you.  If others that you’ve followed don’t follow you after a few days (3-4), then unfollow them.  Don’t worry,  it’s not a cruel thing to do, you can reconnect with them later.  We’ll look at the whole following/followers balancing act later.

Here’s a killer way to put this into hyper-drive.  If you find someone that you follow and really like, then look at their followers by clicking on the followers link below the number of people who are following them.

This is a great way to just start following a page or two worth of folks and see if they follow you and what their talking about.  Hopefully they’re talking about what you’re interested in – gardening.

Now, you can use this technique with whatever topic you’re interest in, whether you’re looking for new friends, doing research, well, you get the idea.

Rules of the Twitter Road

As you start following people on twitter, don’t over do it and start following a ton of people right away.  Twitter doesn’t seem to like people growing their account too fast, which could lead to your account being suspended.  So as a general rule to start, follow up to 50 people a day and see if they follow you back.  Later, you can increase this number as you gain more followers.

If people don’t follow you back, unfollow them after 3-4 days to keep your following and followers in balance.  There’s not a perfect science to this and I don’t know the exact number until you get upwards of 2,000 followers  that twitter starts placing rules on this balance.

Don’t be disappointed when you unfollow your favorite people if you have to.  You can always reconnect with them later or they you.

So that’s it.  Start building your followers, contribute to the conversation and have fun.

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Bill April 21, 2009 at 9:47 am

Here’s a link to twitter folks talking about how many folks you can follow in a day – A note about per day following limits

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