How to Find Twitter Followers – Part 2

In my first article on How To Find Twitter Followers – Part 1, I talked about finding people by using the twitter Find People menu selection.  You can certainly look for typical names of people using the Find People menu selection, but you can also use it to search topical keywords in their twitter username, like Garden.  This is a good way to find people or companies that might be interested in a topic you’re interested in – Gardening.

After you find some folks this way on twitter, you can review their twitter timeline (tweets) and decide whether to follow them and engage in conversation with them about the given topic.  That is one way to find new twitter followers.

However, for this part 2 of finding followers, we’ll look at twitter search which is located at and twitter advanced search which is located at

Searching Twitter

Below is a screenshot of the main twitter search page and way below that is a screenshot of the advanced twitter search page.

As you can see on the basic twitter search page below, there’s one box to enter something you are searching for, kind of like the Google search box.  Nice and simple.  You’ll also notice the Trending topics listed as well.  You can just click on those and find interesting topics and people that you might want to follow.

Now, we can certainly enter a person’s twitter name or using our gardening example, you could enter the keyword garden or gardening, and twitter will look for real-time conversations that include that keyword you’re searching on.

Twitter Search

So think about some of the conversations you have with people about the topics you’re interested in and use one or two, or however many keywords or keyword phrases you want to search for.

After twitter returns your search results, you can browse the conversations and decide to follow people, or the results might even include companies that might be advertising gardening products.  So that company might be nice to follow if they’re advertising discounts or valuable tips on gardening.  Typically, folks will follow you back.

If you follow someone from your gardening search results and they reply back, “Why did you follow me?”  Just tell them, “I was looking for people interested in gardening.”

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter advanced search is really powerful.  As you can see below, there are many parameters to tweak for twitter search for stuff you’re interested in.  Using the gardening theme again, let’s do the following search:

  • Type in garden in the All of these words box
  • In the Near this place box, we’ll enter Chicago for Chicago, IL
  • Select Within this distance of 25 miles.
  • We’ll also enter a Search this date and Until this date of 3 days – 4/27/09 to 4/30/09
  • And to round this out, we’ll click on the Containing links checkbox, so we can see some interesting links pertaining to gardening and I’ll limit the Results per page to 10 so I can provide a screenshot of the results.

So basically we’re saying, “Show me all the twitter conversations that include the word garden for the last 3 days from twitter usernames in and around Chicago, IL that only contain links.  And only show me 10 results per page.”

Twitter Advanced Search

Click on the Search button and you’ll see your twitter search results below.

Twitter Advanced Search Results

Those are your potential followers.  You can follow some of those folks and most likely they’ll follow you back and then engage in a conversation by sending them @<twitter-username> messages so everyone can see your conversation with them or D @<twitter-username> for direct messages that only you and the person you’re following will see.  Or you can just follow and them and listen to their conversations.

If people don’t follow you back after a certain time period, let’s say a few days or a week, you can certainly unfollow them or use the Your Twitter Karma tool I wrote about in Balancing your Twitter Following and Followers.

Twitter Search Results

If you look at the twitter search results page above, you’ll notice there’s a lot there in addition to your results.  For one thing, if you look at the top of the page, you’ll see the actual search syntax that is used to display your results.  You can adjust your search by altering the syntax in the search box directly if you’d like.

Also, notice that after the page was displayed, there is a yellow status box telling us that there are more results since we ran this search.  You can refresh the page to include the new search results.

That’s it.  Take some time to play around with twitter search and advance search.  It’s a great way find people that are interested in what you’re interested in.

What about you, got any good tips on finding followers or how you use twitter search? Let us know in the comments.

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