3 Ways to Enhance Your Twitter Experience

Do you still use Google to search for things?  Why?  Google is so old search school.  Twitter Search provides everything for your searching needs in real-time and more targeted results.  Okay, I’m just kidding.  Google is essential and there’s away you can integrate both.


Have you heard of the script engine Greasemonkey?  Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to customize the way webpages look and feel.  Greasemonkey is an icon that sits in the status bar of Firefox that you can turn on and off.

When turned on, Greasemonkey can run scripts that manipulate the webpage your on.  You find scripts at Userscripts.org.  There’s a ton of ’em that do many things.  But for this article, we’re only interested in the scripts that help us with our twitter efforts.

So for example, today on the front page at Userscripts.org are two twitter-related scripts.  You can find them quicly if you use the find feature (typically Ctrl-F) on most browsers to search the homepage of Userscripts.org. Just search for the word twitter.

The first script is called Twitter Enhancements: Retweet This. What this script does is place a retweet icon to the right of a tweet on your twitter page. Now, this isn’t that big of a deal if you use one of the twitter clients because the client most likely has a retweet button. But, the main twitter page doesn’t. So you have to manually type in your retweet or do some copy and pasting, and adjusting.  After you install this script just hover your mouse over to the right of the tweet and you’ll see the retweet icon show up.

Retweet This

Another script called Twitter Friends Bio at a Glance, allows you to view your following and followers bio, following and follower count, and most recent tweet on those two pages – following, followers pages.  From your twitter home page, click on your following or followers to see the extra information that the Twitter Friends Bio script provides.

Twitter Friends Bio

You can certainly try using the scripts mentioned above, which really help if you work with twitter at the main twitter page.

Google and Twitter Search Results

Another script called Twitter Search Results on Google, allows you to see not only the search results you’re searching for on Google, but this script will also place the top twitter search results on top of your Google search results page.  See an example below.

Twitter and Google Search Results

So there you go, a few scripts from Greasemonkey to help you enhance your daily twittering experience.  If you liked this article, please retweet it with the button below.  Also subscribe to DailyTwiTips so you don’t miss any tweetn’ tips.

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