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If you’re new to twitter, the first step you’ll want to take is creating a twitter account.  There are plenty of settings and information on the twitter website to read about but for this article I want to walk you through quickly creating your twitter account and three settings you’ll want to set and get right from the very beginning.  Below you’ll see the home page of twitter.


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On the twitter homepage above, click on the green Get Started – Join! button.  Below is the join screen.

Join Twitter

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You’ll want to fill in your real name or a name that best represents you or your business.  Your username will become your twitter id or twitter username, as well as the url to your twitter account –  You finish this screen out with a password, email account and the words you see in the CAPTCHA box.  If you’ve never seen CAPTCHA before, it’s a way for services like twitter to know that a real human being is creating an account and not some kind of automatic spammer.

Once you’ve clicked the Create my account button, you’ll be presented with the screen below and your twitter account is created.  Well, pretty much.  You might consider some of the following first.

I’ll skip the rest of the screenshots and just say that you’ll have an opportunity to invite your friends from the various email accounts you might have as well as the ability to start following some recommended people/companies on twitter.

After you’ve created your account you’ll see your main twitter home page (see below).

Twitter Stream

There’s plenty there to start looking at and goofing around with but let’s cover three items you should take care of in the beginning if you’re going to spend some time on twitter.

1. The Settings Page

Click on the settings page and fill out all the information on the settings page.  If you want people to connect with you personally then provide your real name.  If you’re a company you might want to provide your company’s name.  You twitter name and username can be the same thing or different.

What I suggest is try and stick to the username you’ve selected.  Although you can change it at  anytime, this could confuse folks who follow you.  Your username is your url or web address.  If you provide this url at various other sites, it will make it difficult to change those sites that point to your twitter url, as well as other people who might have linked to your twitter url directly.

So decide on the best username you can and stick with it.

If you have a website or blog you want to promote, provide that url in the More Info URL box.  Maybe offer a landing page at your website or blog that is specific to visitors coming from twitter.

Provide your one-line bio that reads how you want it to.  If you’re a business, obviously this is your 2-3 second pitch on what you’re about.  Make it clear to people what type of products you provide or what services you provide.

If you want to promote various parts of your business then create multiple twitter accounts that reflect that.  Dell does this with their small business twitter account as well as other parts of their business.

If you’re a freelancer, tell everyone in a short sentence or two what you’re about.  Experiment and read your bio from your profile page.  That is what  people will see when they land on your twitter homepage.

If you don’t want people to see your twitter updates, then click on Protect my updates.  You might consider this if you’re using twitter exclusively with people you know and don’t want the whole world to see your tweets.  If you’re okay with the whole world seeing what you’re tweeting about, then don’t check this box.

Complete the other parts of the settings page.

2. The Picture Page

Upload a picture of you or a logo that represents you or your business.  You’ll notice the maximum size is 700k and you can use a jpg, gif or png file.  You can certainly upload what you want and see if it works for you.  Twitter will make a smaller version of a larger image you upload.  If you goof it up, you can delete your picture at anytime as well as try other picture whenever you want.

People who see your profile will be able to click on your picture and it will display larger, so make sure you upload a larger image than what will appear on your profile page.

If you can use a picutre of yourself, it makes it more personable.  You can change your picture at anytime and some folks change their picture quite a bit.  One person I follow changes his once a week.  This can make it feel like a person is involved more in a “real-time” kind of way.  Again, more personable.

3. The Design Page

Instead of keeping the default design, it’s good to pick something that you like and reflects you, your image or your business.  On the design page there are a few different designs you can choose from right away.

You also have the option to upload your own design or tweak the colors of your twitter design.  There are quite a few sites out there that offer custom twitter backgrounds.  Look around at other people you follow and see what they are doing.  Adopt what you like to your design.  It always helps to be a bit different and unique.

MyTweetSpace is just one site that offers FREE twitter designs as well as custom paid designs.  Looks like MyTweetSpace is charging $49.00 for a custom design at this time.

If you’ve already created your twitter account, leave your twitter username in the comments below and some interesting folks who visit this blog, just might end up following you.  Also, you can get started with retweeting by retweeting this article on twitter.  Just click the retweet button below.

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Alec April 12, 2009 at 6:16 pm

Dude, you’re link to the introduction to the Twitter Traffic Machine isn’t working for me.

Dion Becker April 12, 2009 at 9:11 pm

Thanks Bill. I just created a twitter account and still learning. Here’s my twitter username – @DionBecker

Karine December 22, 2009 at 1:30 pm

não sei usar ainda

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