Balancing Your Twitter Following and Followers

In my prvious article How to Find Twitter Followers – Part 1, I mentioned that you should unfollow people who don’t follow you after a few (3-4) days.  You can always reconnect with them later.

The point of this is to keep your following and followers numbers reasonably close or at least more followers than you are following.  For example, one rule twitter has is, you can’t go over 2,000 following if you don’t have at least 1,800 followers.

So you’ve followed a ton of people and I told you to unfollow folks who don’t follow you back after a few days (3-4). How are you supposed to unfollow all those people easily? Certainly I don’t want you to find every single person who you’re following, one by one, and figure out which ones to click unfollow, am I?

No. Go to this site – You Twitter Karma. At Twitter Karma, you’ll be able to login to twitter and click on the “Whack” button. This will start the process of retrieving all the folks you follow on twitter.  You might make it a bit faster if you click on the “Hide avatars?” checkbox.

Your Twitter Karma

Once the list of followers come back, click on “Only Following” in the “Show” drop-down list. This will display just the folks who you are following and they are not following you back.

Now scroll to the very bottom of the list and click on the “Check All” button. Then click on the “Bulk Unfollow” button. Viola!! That’s it. Your Twitter Karma will unfollow all those folks that you follow but they don’t follow you. Now Your Twitter Karma is balanced.

Like I said, do this every 3-4 days when you get started and as you reach the 2,000 following, 1,800 followers mark.  I do this on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  Of course, you don’t have to do this at all if you’re Oprah or if you have more followers than people you’re following.

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