7 Twitter Questions

As I continue to run into folks who are starting out on twitter or thinking about jumping in, there is still a need to go through the basics of twitter, which I would imagine will last quite some time.  So here are 7 questions about twitter.

1. What is twitter?

Well, there’s many ways to answer this but you can start by reading my What is Twitter? article.  Twitter is many things to many people including people who just want to meet new people.  Businesses who want to advertise and promote their products or service.  Bloggers or website manager who want to drive traffic to their blog or website. Ultimately, twitter is a communications tool that allows people to communicate in 140 character chunks – for whatever reason.

2. How Do I Get Followers?

Well, you’ll have a chance to invite your friends who are in your email account(s) when you first setup your twitter account.  Read my article Twitter: Still Trying to Get the Hang of It? and How to Find Twitter Followers – Part 1.  Basically you can just start by typing a word or words in the Find People menu selection of  an interest you have.  For instance, “Miley Cyrus” is a celebrity who has a ton of fans.  After you’ve typed in and search for “Miley Cyrus” you’ll have a list of tweets that other people have sent out in twitter.  Now you can read through those tweets and the profiles of who sent those tweets.  If you like what someone tweeted, then follow them, they just might follow you back.   🙂

3. Who Sees My Messages on Twitter?

The moment you send a message out, what has come to be known as a tweet, it goes out to the whole twitter universe.  Even if you don’t have followers or a just a few, twitter will be able to search what you just tweeted.  So if someone is searching on twitter using search.twitter.com for “Miley Cyrus”, your tweet will show up in the search results if the tweet was, “Hi, I’m new on twitter and I’m looking for other Miley Cyrus fans.”

4. Should I Respond to Everyone on Twitter?

No.  You’ll get to a point that you can’t respond to everyone and maybe you don’t want to.  When someone sends a tweet out and you are folloiwng them, you’ll see their tweet on your twitter page of messages.  You can respond to it if you like, whether it’s directed at you or not.  It’s just like a conversation.  Feel free to converse with the twitter folks you follow and your followers.

5. What’s a Direct Message?

A direct message is a message that is sent to only you and can only be seen between you and the sender.  You don’t have to respond to a direct message if you don’t want to.  You’ll notice in the right sidebar your Direct Messages link and count.  You can always click on that link to see your Direct Messages on the Direct Messages page.

6. How Do I Reply to Someone?

Whens someone sends you a direct message, you can view it on your Direct Messages page discussed above.  On the Direct Messages page, hover your mouse over the top right of the message and you’ll see an envelope appear.  Click on the envelope and the person’s name will pop into the drop-down list at the top of the page and your cursor will pop into the message box waiting for you to type and send a message.  This will be a direct message back to that person.  So only you and that person will see it.

If you want to reply to anyone on your twitter stream, you do the same thing on your main twitter page, hover your mouse over the top right of the message and you’ll see a curvy arrow you can click on.  This will put the person’s twitter name in the message box with an @ sign in front of their name, and the cursor will be waiting for you to type and send a message.

If you look in the right sidebar, you’ll also see your twitter name with an @ sign in front of it.  This will show you all the tweets that have been sent out in the twitter stream with your twitter name.

If you click on a person’s picture, you’ll be taken to their twitter page where you’ll be able to see that person’s twitter information as well as send them a direct message using the message link in the right sidebar under the Actions section.

7. Can I Use Twitter on My Cell Phone?

Yes.  If you look under your Settings menu selection you’ll see a tab called Devices.  Save your phone number and you’ll be able to receive tweets as well as reply to those tweets.  They do have a check box that indicates, “It’s okay for Twitter to send txt messages to my phone. Standard rates apply.”

That’s it for now.  There’s plenty more twitter basics to talk about and we will in future articles.  If you liked this article, please retweet using the button below.

Also, if you have any beginner questions please leave it in the comments for everyone to see.  If you have anything to share for twitter users who are just starting out, please leave a comment about it.  Thanx!!

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