6 Cool Twitter Tools

Here are some more cool twitter tools.  From providing more than 140 characters for your tweeting to finding out who are the twitterholics on twitter to a bunch of statistics about you and your fellow twitter-ers.

1. Twitlonger – Twitter only allows you to enter 140 characters when updating your “What are doing now?” messages.  Well, when you need it, Twitlonger allows you to write more than the 140 characters

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2. Twitterholic – Twitterholic is a website that lists all the folks who twitter a lot.  They scan twitosphere and gather stats.  That is how they list who tweets or twits the most.  Tweet your head off and you just might make their list.  Great place to find folks to follow that you might be interested in.

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3. betweeted – The premise around betweeted is using the viral part of twitter to spread the word about various products.  You have followers and your followers have followers and on and on.  So why not use that viral stream of people to get products in front of them  That’s what betweeted does and you can make money with every click.

Now, I haven’t particitpated in betweeted but it sounds like something that could work as far as monetizing the twitter stream.  However, there’s always a fine line with some folks who will feel like monetizing some services on the web is spam.  Nevertheless, the twitter stream is viral and should be taped responsibly.

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4. PageTweet – PageTweet allows you to enter a url to a page you want to promote.  Enter a short description of the url and a message.  A shortened url will be created and a list of social networking sites you can promote your shortened url on.

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5. Tweepular – Tweepular gathers a bunch of information about who you’re following on twitter and who’s following you and a bunch of stats on all of ’em.  You can sort people various ways, you can bulk follow and unfollow folks.  There’s a lot there.  Check it out.

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6. TwitterAnalyzer – TwitterAnalyzer analyses and charts a twitter user’s various statistics, including:

  • How many message updates
  • What apps a user used for tweeting
  • Subjects tweeted about
  • Hashtags used
  • Links used
  • and much, much more.

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