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Hey folks, here are some more cool twitter tools. If you’ve missed any of the tools I’ve listed so far at my blog, visit the Twitter Tools category page to view a more organized list of cool twitter tools.

BubbleTweet1. First up is BubbleTweet – “Add a Video To Your Twitter Page In Seconds”.  This is just plain cool.  BubbleTweet allows you to break out of your normal twitter page and provides a video that you upload and is placed over your twitter page – in a bubble.  Check it out.  Very cool.

Here’s what folks are saying about BubbleTweet.

VidTweeter2. Staying with the video theme is VidTweeter – “Play Videos On Your Twitter Page With VidTweeter”.  This is from the folks who created BubbleTweet but you have other choices of videos services.

The videos are played hovering above in the middle of your twitter page.  Services like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Metacafe are supported.  VidTweeter is another cool way to pop out of your twitter page and provide video.

Here’s what folks are saying about VidTweeter.

TwitterImage3. TwitterImage.com is a place to buy custom twitter backgrounds.  Just visit the site to see who are some of the clients.  For $100.00 you can get yourself an excellent twitter background.  There are quite a few free backgrounds as well.  Check it out.

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TweetBeep4. TweetBeep – TweetBeep allows you to track what folks are saying about you, your product, your company and provide updates every hour or every day. “TweetBeep is like Google Alerts for twitter.”

Here’s what folks are saying about TweetBeep.

daily RT5. daily RT – “the most popular tweets on the web.”  daily RT is like the Digg of twitter.  It lists popular tweets that are being retweeted in the last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days and best of all time.

Here’s what folks are saying about daily RT.

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