10 Cool Twitter Tools

There are quite a few twitter tools on the web including websites that offer various services, client software for your computer and plenty of mobile apps to tweet from.  For this article, I’m listing 10 cool twitter tools that you might find useful.  All of which, are website services.

From finding out how longs someone’s been on twitter to a Digg-like site for tweets to creating groups on twitter to finding a job on twitter, here are some websites to check out for your twittering needs.  Enjoy and have fun playing with these twitter tools.

When did you join twitter?

1. Here’s a site called When Did You Join Twitter? This site does one thing, it lets you find out when you joined twitter as well as any other twitter users.  Just type in a twitter name and you’ll be able to see when that twitter account was created, the person’s mug shot or whatever they happened to use for their twitter picture and the ability to tweet to the world when that person joined twitter.

Celebrity Tweets2. Can’t get enough of your favorite celebrities on twitter? Check out CelebrityTweet!Stalk Celebrities on Twitter.

CelebrityTweet allows you to reply to celebrity tweets, retweet what celebrities have tweeted, check out their twitter profile as well as share their tweets on other social networks you might belong to like facebook and myspace.  Those are just a few of the things you can do on the CelebrityTweet website.

There are other sites that act like directories of twitterers that include celebrities and one of those directories is WeFollow: A User Powered Twitter Directory.

Also, the creator of CelebrityTweet, @iancorbin, has another twitter-related site called Twypos where the site lists tweets with, well, typos.  I like it, great sense of humor.  The subtitle of Twypos is “A Collection of Twitter Typos.  Vresion Won.

Tweetmeme3. Tweetmeme – Tweetmeme tracks the most popular links on twitter every 5 minutes, including news, images and videos.  It shows the “Hottest Stories on Twitter“.  With categorized tweets, Top Tweets and Popular Channels sections, Tweetmeme feels like Digg, the social bookmarking and voting site.  Tweetmeme was created by the folks at fav.or.it, a website that aggregates news from blogs around the web.  Be prepared to spend a lot of time on Tweetmeme.   🙂

Twitter Groups4. Twitter Groups – Twitter Groups allows you to create groups, join groups, find out more information about groups.  Everything groups.

“People that are already on Twitter can find other people on Twitter with similar interests to follow.

Organizations, Clubs, Alumni, Non-Profit and other groups of people may create their own Twitter Group to augment your organization.

Events, Conferences and Tradeshows may use Twitter Groups to create a group for everyone that is attending an event, or is interested in an event. Once the event starts, be sure to Twitter using the #tag for your group so that everyone can follow the tweets at the event. You can also create a Twitter Group to let people RSVP for your event! “

Read more about Twitter Groups on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Twibes5. Talking about groups, Twibes is another site where you can create groups of topics that other twitterers might like to be a part of.  Every twibe has members and every twibe has a page of streaming tweets amongst the twibe members.  Here’s a snapshot of the Photography Twibe Members page.

Twibes Photography Groups

You can also send direct messages to your followers as well as recommend followers to others.  Kind of like a #followfriday tweet, where you tweet 2-3 people you recommend other people to follow.  You can also do all your #followfriday tweets at FollowFridays.com.

StockTwits6. StockTwits is everything stock market.  At their site you login with your twitter credentials and interact with folks watching the stock market, what moves people are making in the market, news of the day, etc.

The site has its own streaming tweets and every tweet contains a double dollar sign – $$ – to indicate that the tweets are from the StockTwits site.  StockTwits is so popular that they have their own button on the TweetDeck menu.

StockTwits is a very addictive site if you’re a trader.

Mr Tweet7. Mr. TweetMr. Tweet is your Personal Network Assistant.  Mr. Tweet is a twitter user you follow and you’ll receive DMs or Direct Messages from Mr. Tweet suggesting others you should follow based on who you’re following.  This doesn’t happen right away with Mr. Tweet.  You’ll receive a message from Mr. Tweet estimating how long it will take before you start receiving direct messages.

TweetStyle8. Backgrounds, Backgrounds, Backgrounds – That’s what TweetStyle offers you.  Free twitter backgrounds as well as custom, paid for backgrounds.  At the TweetStyle site you can also learn what you information should go on your twitter background page as well as how to create a twitter background page and other tips.

Some other sites that TweetStyle recommends include HipandTwendy.comCool backgrounds for twitter and myspace, Positive Space Free Twitter Themes, Twitter Patterns and other twitter background sites.  Check ’em out at TweetStyle.

Don’t forget about MyTweetSpace for some more free and custom (paid) twitter backgrounds.

tinker9. Tinker – Following real-time conversations on twitter and facebook at tinker.com.  You create an account at Tinker and they’ll help you stay on top of the latest events people are tweeting about.

Follow an event stream and Tinker will show you relevant real-time conversations from social media sources like Facebook and Twitter. Whether it’s the Oscars or a new iPhone release, no event is too big or small to Tinker about.

Tinker also lists links to the Most Followed Streams (Following), Most Discussed Streams (Posts), Most Popular Events (People Discussing).

10. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – That’s what TweetMyJobs! brings you.  It tweets about available jobs.

What is TweetMyJobs?

“It’s a new service that brings recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers together on Twitter. We’ve set up Twitter Channels for major cities and job types, and an easy-to-use interface to subscribe to those channels. You will get instant notification of any new jobs as a text message on your cell phone. We also showcase US Stimulus Jobs.”

That’s it!!  Hopefully some of these links will be valuable to you in your tweeting endeavors.  If so, please use the button below to retweet this article.  I appreciate your support.

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